King 607F
King 607F

At .525 inches, the King 607F is a medium bore instrument, in between the 3B and the 4B.It has been noted for its great response, sound, and quality.Professional musicians usually disdain an intermediate horn such as this because its has neither the clear, brassy quality of a jazz solo horn nor the heft of a symphonic instrument.In other words, it does not fit a specific purpose.However, if you are a high school student who plays in concert band, marching band, jazz band and all the rest, this could be just the right trigger trombone for you.The quality of a King made trombone is never in doubt and this instrument allows you to make the shift from a small bore straight trombone without the shock of producing the airflow of a large bore trombone.


.525 inch bore

8 inch yellow brass bell

Brass outer slides

Closed wrap F-attachment

Rotor Valve

Mechanical linkage

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