Blessing BTB-88 Series Trombone

Blessing is a unique brand in that they handcraft all of their trombones in a world where most horns are mass-produced. This is a company that has stayed in the same family for 102 years. The people at Blessing say that every single horn they produce has its own personality, tone and soul.

Players of a Blessing trigger trombone describe them as having a warm, dark tone that is congruent with being a member of the bass section of a concert band or orchestra. The rotor and slide of the Blessing BTB-88 are said to work amazingly well probably because of their hand craftsmanship. Both the open and closed wraps are particularly responsive.

The Blessing BTB-88 does not seem to be a favorite among professional trombonists who view its design as that of an intermediate trombone. However, most agree that the BTB-88 is an excellent choice for those players looking for their first trigger trombone. It would be a reliable, all purpose horn from the first year of high school to the last year of college.


  • .547 inch bore
  • 8 ½ inch bell
  • Rotor valve with mechanical linkage
  • Chrome plated nickel silver inner slides
  • Brass outside slide tubes
  • Nickel trim
  • Lacquered brass finish

Model Variations:

  • BTB-88O – The BTB-88 with open wrap F-attachment
  • BTB-88S – The BTB-88 with silver plated finish
  • BTB-88OS – Open wrap F-attachment with silver plated finish
  • BTB-88R – The BTB-88 with a red copper bell
  • BTB-88OR – Open wrap F-attachment with a red copper bell

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