Conn 88H Symphony Series Trombone

The famous 88H is well known for its superior response in all registers. The straight side of the trombone has a .547 inch bore but the F attachment has a .562 inch bore to counteract the resistance often associated with a rotor F attachment. The base 88H has a traditional wrap and is known for its rose brass bell. Other important features of the 88H are an adjustable trigger and interchangeable lead pipes.

Great tonal expressive range, clarity, flexibility, special carrying power, and ease of play are all terms that have been used by professional trombonists in describing the Conn 88H. Ian Bousfield, Principal Trombone of The London Symphony Orchestra has been quoted as saying that the Conn 88H is the best trombone ever made.

The only common complaints about this horn are that the bell will not fit back into the factory made case and that this horn is not quite flexible enough to be in a jazz ensemble.

Overall though the Conn 88H is 100% pure Americana, tried and true, rich, resonant, reliable, durable, and dependable. Even trombonists who prefer other instruments respect the judgement of those who play the Conn 88H. It sets the standard for the rotor F attachment and is preferred by freshman band students and professional instrumentalists alike.


  • 8 ½ inch bell
  • .547 inch bore
  • Rotor valve with mechanical linkage
  • Adjustable thumb lever
  • .562 bore through F-attachment
  • Optional .525/.547 inch dual bore hand slide
  • Optional .562 inch straight bore hand slide
  • Optional .547/.562 inch dual bore hand slide
  • Optional interchangeable leadpipes

Model Variations:

  • 88HY – The 88H with a Yellow Brass Bell
  • 88HT – The 88H with a Thinwall Rose Brass Bell
  • 88H-SGX – The 88H with a Sterling Silver Bell and 24K Gold Trim
  • 88HO – The 88H with an open wrap F-attachment
  • 88HYO – The 88HY with an open wrap F-attachment
  • 88HTO – The 88HT with an open wrap F-attachment
  • 88H-O-SGX – The88H-SGX with an open wrap F-attachment
  • 88HCL – The 88H with the patented CL2000 valve system
  • 89H – Removable F-attachment

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