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A complete resource for the Tenor Trombone with F Attachment

Trigger Trombone GuideThe Trigger Trombone Guide will take you through everything you need to know about the Bflat Tenor Trombone with F attachment, from open or traditional wrap to string or mechanical linkage to how to buy a trombone online.

Trigger Trombone Guide
Our Trigger Trombone Reviews will tell you the pros and cons of all the foremost brands including Bach, Conn, King, Holton, Blessing, and Yamaha. Learn which trombone is right for you and find a fantastic deal on a great instrument.

Top Five Trigger Trombones:


The 42B is the prototypical large bore, symphonic trombone.It is substantially made while not too heavy.It projects well while allowing for dynamic contrast.The tone of the 42B is dark, rich, and warm. The vision of Vincent Bach is alive today in the embodiment of the Bach 42B trombone.


Conn 88H
The famous 88H is well known for its superior response. The straight side of the trombone has a .547 inch bore but the F attachment has a .562 inch bore to counteract the resistance often associated with a rotor F attachment. The base 88H has a traditional wrap and is known for its rose brass bell.

Getzen offers an array of custom made (high end) trombones with such features as interchangeable leadpipes, axial flow valves and hand spun bells. The Getzen Cutom and Eterna series trigger trombones are for serious players only.

King 3B
The King Legend 3B (Model 2103F) is a versatile instrument with a stellar reputation going back for half a century. King quality is just as good today as it was 50 years ago. This lyrical horn is very often used by pros.

Yamaha 448G
If you are a high school student who is very serious about playing continually throughout college, then the YSL-448G may be just the right trigger trombone for you.Versatility describes this horn well.This trombone has the bright, crystal clear output perfect for a jazz soloist.