King Legend Series Trombone

King 4B(Model #2104F) is often referred to as the Sonorous 4B for its deep, resonant, sonorous sound. This is the large bore counterpart to the 3B so it is not as flexible as the 3B in accommodating players at all levels – it requires the airflow capacity if a more experienced trombonist.
The tone of the 4B is consistent in all registers and is capable of playing bass trombone parts in some instances. The F-attachment on a 4B can be converted to a G-attachment. Remember the trombones playing in Star Wars whenever Darth Vader walks into the room?This is the type of sound of which 4B is able to make-full throated and loud. As such, it makes for a great marching trombone.

Like the 3B, the 4B has been in production for half a century and is still known for quality.This is the typical large bore tenor with F-attachment and does not disappoint those trombonists who want to be heard. This instrument is most popular among the older high school and college players.

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